Prof. Wael Att

Message from President of the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Prof. Wael Att

Dear friends and colleagues,

The unprecedented times impacted nearly every single aspect of our lives. Social distancing, health safety, wearing masks, aerosol infection control, distant learning, Zoom and tele dentistry are all examples of new terms and practices that have been anchored into our daily life. For our profession, we are adopting new regulations and guidelines that are changing the way we practice dentistry. This is simply the new normal. At the same time, many colleagues and schools all over the world have realized that keeping knowledge up to date is more important than ever. Clearly, everyone has realized that education in now more important than ever. It will not only play a leading role in disseminating state-of-the-art knowledge but at the same time establish networks of collaboration and exchange among colleagues, institutions and corporate partners, helping thereby the community in better adapting to the new normal.

After many years of hard work, I am very honored to welcome you in Abu Dhabi to join the event that holds the flag of the highest level of esthetic dentistry in the globe; The World Meeting of The International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry. This great achievement is the result of a long collaboration between the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Index Conferences and Exhibitions, Abu Dhabi Tourism and  the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry. We are excited that we will have a very unique meeting not only by its high-level scientific program and prime location, but also by its exclusive social events. This will be the first time that World Meeting of IFED will be in Middle East and North Africa region and will set a landmark for future scientific meetings. Participants and their families will be able to explore what an amazing city Abu Dhabi is and what it can offer such as Louvre Museum, Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Desert Safaris, white beaches, water sports and many more. Not to forget that we are holding this event along with World Expo in Dubai so you will ba also able to combine your visit to Abu Dhabi with experiencing Expo Dubai. All of this will be under the exceptional Arabian hospitality. With all the efforts that were made to make this an exceptional meeting, I am confident that each one of us will enjoy an amazing learning opportunity, surrounded by families, friends and colleagues and at the same time explore the beautiful Middle East.

Welcome to IFED Abu Dhabi